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Evil Made Easy

by Lazlo Supreme

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released January 26, 2010

Vocals- Toussaint Morrison
Keyboard- Linden Killam
Drums- Patrick Moses

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Reid Kruger at Waterbury Music & Sound

Bass Guitar on "King Of The Cafeteria" by Reid Kruger



all rights reserved


Lazlo Supreme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band interests:

- Jumping fences while running
- Stealing bikes and girlfriends
- The occasional bar fight with Jimmy & The Threats
- Operating a multi-hundred dollar crime syndicate

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Track Name: Beep Beep
The next big thing and a coming attraction dodgin’ the masses of lipstick and cell phones,
an automatic magnet to konichiwas and hellos.
This ain’t a matter of dapper rappers rappin’ like they’re the bees’ knees.
This ain’t a discussion cousin, your grandma’s rockin’ a Lazlo Supreme tee.
Keep it easy, and cool out your thermometer,
and watch the way you talkin’ to the new assistant manager:
The speculated, spot-on, spoken, and spectacular.
Why so sad?
Was it something I said?
Tell me… Oh, tell me
So, I can say it again
I am a megaphone, my friend you’re just a text message
You call after bar close while I’m already roundin’ second
I’m carryin’ the burden and the team. You gotta call the movers.
You couldn’t spark a conversation. We’re blowin’ up like MacGruber.
Alright, ok, alright, alright, alright, ok computer
This is fight or flight, all ya’ll are penguins, I’m a blue bird
Raisin’ up the rent and the roof, who’s your super… fly.
Put your pride above the truth
Think there’s no one else but you
Ya gotta answer to somebody
And that answer’s gon’ be me
Track Name: Fly Drexler
‘Bout to ditch the cell phone at home and keep breezy

Take this day and everything in it without reachin’

Hey, it’s a short walk to the coffeeshop,

May be Monday, but I’ma treat it like the weekend
Don’t go lookin’ like you got somethin’ to defend
I’m surprised y’all haven’t learned to leap the street width
What’s the matter captain, wonderin’ where your team went
Ran outta good pleas, they ran outta good reason

Good evening, let’s pick it up before you dumb it down
The truth never made the talk of the town
I took a good look, watched the rest jump and drown
Planted where I stand, Lazlo from the ground
Got it wrapped like medieval wedding gowns
More frequent a sequence than handshakes and pounds
The flame outlasts your smoke break burnin’ out
Mirror of the city, spirit of the sound

And I’m runnin’ and livin’ and takin’ and givin’ it
Doin’ whatever I can to make it happen
Writin’ and pavin’ and fightin’ and takin’
A deep breath to blow fire back at the drago

I quit the team and signed on as the mascot
Photoshopped my face from the front to the backdrop
The unlikely lyricist that can’t stop
Cos’ my bike doesn’t have any breaks, now back up
Gonna go big if I’m goin’ downhill
Can’t take a sip and promise that you won’t spill
The risk never outweighed the direction
And built these beautiful imperfections

Monday mornings, overtime pay, skippin’ classes
Understanding the big picture doesn’t have a canvas
Stealin’ a bike to get to where you’re goin’
And ridin’ into oncoming traffic
Calm under the chaos cos’ the natural habitat is havoc
Working nothin’ to lose as an advantage
So here it goes, grab somethin’ and sit tight
I’ll hit you with a text somewhere in midflight


You can’t keep a good man down,
No matter how clever, you’ll never keep a goo man down
You can’t keep a good man down,
No matter how clever, you’ll never keep a goo man down
You can’t keep a good man down,
No matter how clever, you’ll never keep a goo man down
You can’t keep a good man down,
No matter how clever, you’ll never keep a goo man down

Track Name: Skrulls
M-M-M-Movin’ on up to the Eastside and next eschilon

Woke up feelin’ like a brand new Decepticon
Today & I, we’re about to get it on
And I’m cookin’ with nothin’ but tough love and Szechuan
Against the odds while all bets are off
Gamblin’ with gunshots and the next to fall
Where they move like kings even if just a pawn
While I’m acin’ the midterm off’a no lecture hall

This professor’s old and his words are skeptical
We’re only on the same page of the text book
My brain cells are collidin’ on busy streets of chemicals
Graduating anything is anything but text book
Most days there’s nothin’ to show for it
S’just me and an empty table at close quarters
A retired samurai who fights for no one
Content with the thoughts and clouds that float over him

But, today’s different. Call it a gut feelin
Or a case of wide-open eyed day dreamin’
Surfin’ the tops of speedin’ cars weavin’
Traffic and the fabric of the city while leapin’ buildings
There’s no deep breath before this jump
So call your 2nd cousins, it’s about to be a good one
Good mornin’ from the hills to the avenues
Enterin’ the day with a fist-full of gratitude
Reloadin’ my cannon just before I kiss it
Oh yes this evil genius has a few tricks left in’em
Even if they all say it’s unrealistic
It’s hard to wipe the grin off’a the sadistic
Like a candle, we melt into the night like a ghost.
Soon there will be a time when you’ll have to make a choice.
We have come to a stand still until you make your move.
Careful, we are super-villains with not much to lose.
They say I’m finished, but I haven’t left the starting line
I got more work to do than sharpen mics
This hip-hop is more than bark-and-bite, spark-and-spite,
And respect gettin’ broken over hardened pride
Eh- you found respect was hard to find
And the lack there of it idn’t too far behind
From a place too dark to shine
We learn to hold on even when our arms are tied

A work in progress, a work in home labor
Playin’ politics, playing our own saviors
Ghetto profits don’t exceed the losses
When even cops dress up as opportunity knockin’
Savin’ the day’s like trying to catch the rain
While you were turnin’ in your cape, I was takin’ names
Breakin’ legs, chains, and stakin’ claim
Robbin’ the rich, singin’ money ain’t a thang

Flyin’ the city without a pair of wings,
Flyin’ on a bike without a pair of brakes.
It’s fair to say we got this arrow aimed
Like hawkeye back from the dead bowlin’ narrow lanes
There’s no deep breath before this jump
So call your 2nd cousins, it’s about to be a good one
Good mornin’ from the hills to the avenues
Enterin’ the day with a fist-full of gratitude

Track Name: FeatherLighter
Hard work and smart work

Got separated at the birth

They put you on the payroll for one reason
And that’s to make those wheels turn

It’s when police ask ya “What’s the problem?”
And ya can’t help but break a smile laughin’ at the irony
I guess it pends on the color of the collar that ya poppin’
And the noose around ya neck screamin’ hire me

This is comic book without the good guys
Where hands can justify writin’ their own Mumbai
The illustrator gets paid a good price in good pie
Seein’ we can do wrong and make it look right

We have a history of redefining what’s right
So when they burn your dictionary- kid, I wouldn’t look twice
You’ve run outta innocence to act surprised
One man’s good mornin’ is another man’s good night
Grateful as a blade’a grass grown in New York
We’ll find out who can cut it without a spoon or fork
With all eyes on the next messiah
And all arms on the next to fire
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
This much I know is true.
This much I know is true.
Talk to me over coffee or a few beers
How Harvey Milk’s killer only got a few years
What’s it cost to buy and alibi?
And who taught missiles how to fly?
Well even if it was free, I still wouldn’t buy it
You could save me a seat and I still wouldn’t fly with
As for your guns and roses, I won’t have either side of’em
I’ll be settin’ sail on the next Somali pirate ship

To the side of Philadelphia that isn’t sunny
To the side of the joke nobody found funny
Definin’ a different definition of hungry
Rerouting your flight to the nearest 3rd world country
A how-to on makin’ somethin’ outta nothin’
How to fight with a fist-full of paint brushes
How to lead a renaissance with a trumpet
And write your name in treble clef singin’ from the gutter
Track Name: The Girl From The Coffeeshop
Pretty gal, pretty gal, was a pretty busy gal
Lifted double shifts for the utility bill
She has dreams of jumpin’ off the campus
And landin’ in an uptown palace
Breaks more than a sweat to get her fill
But somehow she always seems to trip and spill
It’s not her fault, but she takes the fall
For other people on her team that drop the ball

If singin’ the same song’s worth the music
Then I guess the boyfriend’s worth the excuses
Your gossip girlfriends whinin’ old news
And they’re only worth their weight in IOUs(in)
Up a good friend’s good will and it’s gone this far
working for minimum wage and the tip jar
Carries her weight, but can’t lift the curse of barely sittin’ par
Even with the credit card

She stands like she’s been waitin’ at a train station
Holdin’ a ticket that doesn’t hold her interest.
I tip my hat like a detective in training,
Actin’ like somewhere else needs my assistance.
It’s a look- it’s a glance-
She gives me coffee and I go into my trance
I wanna kiss the stress out her smile
But the cash register between us won’t allow.
The songs change, but the words always stay the same
Doesn’t matter what we do, we’re still playin’ the game
The songs change, but the words always stay the same
Doesn’t matter what we do, we’re still playin’ the game
She’s the Athena of baristas
Handles all temperatures like a tea cup
From customer heat to supervisor fire,
Rolls off her sleeve and melts when she smiles
Huh, I wonder where she gets it from
And how she puts herself together when it comes undone
Ehhh, but I’ve been thinkin’ lately
She holds her good nature like a pistol’s safety
Maybe she’s saving us from a blind rage
Repressed with a more than blind rage

She fronts the innocence of an amateur
But walks with the swagger of a shift manager
A fine tuned defense mechanism
And when it collapses it’ll be cataclysmic
She’ll serve espresso with a hint ‘a cyanide so
She can watch us all die slow…
Die slow… die slow

A coffeeshop full’a people
Doin’ what we want and sometimes what we need to
And here she is on her daily default
Customer servin’ with a smile like a freak show
I’m aimin’ for a table to keep float,
I told her keep the change, she told me keep it evil
She said this tip jar isn’t for your ethos
If you lived in my world you wouldn’t have the peace to freeload

I love her, she brings me back to earth
Puts me in my place everyday without speakin’ a word
Someday I’ll see her and say what’s up
But for now I got a date with a pen and a paper cup
Got my heart in my backpack tangled up
And eyes for the girl from the coffeeshop
I know she knows that we know
We’re just super villains with alter-egos

Track Name: What Makes You Happy
We can’t afford to cry

And we can’t afford to smile
We could buy the bank,
But we can’t afford the time

What happened?
Thought ya said it was all good, man
Thought ya said we had it made
What happened?… said the suit to the tie.
What makes ya happy,
(Believe, believe)
It comes in good time
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
It’s ridiculous
How people stick to what’s
Unimportant until it ain’t givin’em any enjoyment

Man this whole world’s goin’ to hell
Whether you want my opinion or not, I’m gon’ give it to you, cousin.
It’s cold outside more ways than one
Believe me when I say this thing’s been over b-b-b-before it’s begun

Man, we gon get the hell outta this town- show these people what we made of…
Said the bottle to the head.

Track Name: King Of The Cafeteria
It’s the kid eatin’ lunch underneath the staircase
That nobody ever told life wasn’t a fair chase
He’d come over here and strip the mask off’a yer bare face
But his crippled confidence can only stare and wait
Anxt. Sittin’ there again on his broken chariot
Plottin’ to overthrow the king of the cafeteria
I hear ya! But there’s only so much that I can do
Sittin’ here on the other side of this lunch room

Left to unscrew another cap off the afternoon
And shotgun the boredom pretendin’ it’s apple juice
Understand without you these cool kids wouldn’t be cool
They’d have nothin’ to look down on except for their own shoes
Oh no no no don’t start me on this high school hierarchy
Man, I strip the whole machine down to the car seats
Pardon me you see Janeen the prom queen size 3
She gives up her lunch between dry heaves grippin’ the toilet seat

And her boyfriend Brandon gets off on dominatin’ conversation and smack talkin’
Cos’ his dad’s an alcoholic
And there’s Fatima always smilin’ without rest
Ever since her mother cut the chemo- gave her a few months at best
You thought you had it bad cos’ ya never met your dad
Well trust me it could be worse. I was dealt the same hand.
I’d never dream’a walkin’ in Fatima’s adidas
She can pretty smile all the while just to keep herself from screamin’-
And you think this staircase is a hidin’ place, but I see ya…
With your Star Trek lunch box full of failed reasons

I swing first before the argument escalates
I curse a teacher out before they give the grade
Suspend me all the want, but I’m still in the game like Artest
Pimpin’ the system like an old Nintendo cartridge

You wanna avenge on this social upper-crusts
But they’re not even worth the time, let alone a sucker punch
You gotta give this thing time, it’s just a prequel to the trilogy
Mario didn’t learn to fly until his third try. See
The next page’ll turn soon, it’ll come full circle
You have to find the meaning in waiting before it’s worth it
This kids first kiss their first kill
I watch’em break their own hearts and cry until the sky spills

Just to recycle their smiles, but everybody burns and builds
So, patience my good friend- you might be the next Winston Churchill
We may come from different sides of the lunch table, but we share the same enemy
Evidently they want us locked up like the Sentry
For thinking outside of the standardized testing
For supplyin’ an alternative to the trendy
Ehhh, what am I sayin’- before you know it, you’ll be corporate
Thinkin’ I was another voice in your head, and you’ll be over it