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from by Lazlo Supreme

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Hard work and smart work

Got separated at the birth

They put you on the payroll for one reason
And that’s to make those wheels turn

It’s when police ask ya “What’s the problem?”
And ya can’t help but break a smile laughin’ at the irony
I guess it pends on the color of the collar that ya poppin’
And the noose around ya neck screamin’ hire me

This is comic book without the good guys
Where hands can justify writin’ their own Mumbai
The illustrator gets paid a good price in good pie
Seein’ we can do wrong and make it look right

We have a history of redefining what’s right
So when they burn your dictionary- kid, I wouldn’t look twice
You’ve run outta innocence to act surprised
One man’s good mornin’ is another man’s good night
Grateful as a blade’a grass grown in New York
We’ll find out who can cut it without a spoon or fork
With all eyes on the next messiah
And all arms on the next to fire
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
Could ya blame me for goin’ crazy
This much I know is true.
This much I know is true.
Talk to me over coffee or a few beers
How Harvey Milk’s killer only got a few years
What’s it cost to buy and alibi?
And who taught missiles how to fly?
Well even if it was free, I still wouldn’t buy it
You could save me a seat and I still wouldn’t fly with
As for your guns and roses, I won’t have either side of’em
I’ll be settin’ sail on the next Somali pirate ship

To the side of Philadelphia that isn’t sunny
To the side of the joke nobody found funny
Definin’ a different definition of hungry
Rerouting your flight to the nearest 3rd world country
A how-to on makin’ somethin’ outta nothin’
How to fight with a fist-full of paint brushes
How to lead a renaissance with a trumpet
And write your name in treble clef singin’ from the gutter


from Evil Made Easy, released January 26, 2010
Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Percussion by Patrick Moses
Keys by Linden Killam

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


Lazlo Supreme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band interests:

- Jumping fences while running
- Stealing bikes and girlfriends
- The occasional bar fight with Jimmy & The Threats
- Operating a multi-hundred dollar crime syndicate

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