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King Of The Cafeteria

from by Lazlo Supreme

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Bass guitar by Reid Kruger


It’s the kid eatin’ lunch underneath the staircase
That nobody ever told life wasn’t a fair chase
He’d come over here and strip the mask off’a yer bare face
But his crippled confidence can only stare and wait
Anxt. Sittin’ there again on his broken chariot
Plottin’ to overthrow the king of the cafeteria
I hear ya! But there’s only so much that I can do
Sittin’ here on the other side of this lunch room

Left to unscrew another cap off the afternoon
And shotgun the boredom pretendin’ it’s apple juice
Understand without you these cool kids wouldn’t be cool
They’d have nothin’ to look down on except for their own shoes
Oh no no no don’t start me on this high school hierarchy
Man, I strip the whole machine down to the car seats
Pardon me you see Janeen the prom queen size 3
She gives up her lunch between dry heaves grippin’ the toilet seat

And her boyfriend Brandon gets off on dominatin’ conversation and smack talkin’
Cos’ his dad’s an alcoholic
And there’s Fatima always smilin’ without rest
Ever since her mother cut the chemo- gave her a few months at best
You thought you had it bad cos’ ya never met your dad
Well trust me it could be worse. I was dealt the same hand.
I’d never dream’a walkin’ in Fatima’s adidas
She can pretty smile all the while just to keep herself from screamin’-
And you think this staircase is a hidin’ place, but I see ya…
With your Star Trek lunch box full of failed reasons

I swing first before the argument escalates
I curse a teacher out before they give the grade
Suspend me all the want, but I’m still in the game like Artest
Pimpin’ the system like an old Nintendo cartridge

You wanna avenge on this social upper-crusts
But they’re not even worth the time, let alone a sucker punch
You gotta give this thing time, it’s just a prequel to the trilogy
Mario didn’t learn to fly until his third try. See
The next page’ll turn soon, it’ll come full circle
You have to find the meaning in waiting before it’s worth it
This kids first kiss their first kill
I watch’em break their own hearts and cry until the sky spills

Just to recycle their smiles, but everybody burns and builds
So, patience my good friend- you might be the next Winston Churchill
We may come from different sides of the lunch table, but we share the same enemy
Evidently they want us locked up like the Sentry
For thinking outside of the standardized testing
For supplyin’ an alternative to the trendy
Ehhh, what am I sayin’- before you know it, you’ll be corporate
Thinkin’ I was another voice in your head, and you’ll be over it


from Evil Made Easy, released January 26, 2010
Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Percussion by Patrick Moses
Keys by Linden Killam

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


Lazlo Supreme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band interests:

- Jumping fences while running
- Stealing bikes and girlfriends
- The occasional bar fight with Jimmy & The Threats
- Operating a multi-hundred dollar crime syndicate

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