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The Girl From The Coffeeshop

from by Lazlo Supreme

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Pretty gal, pretty gal, was a pretty busy gal
Lifted double shifts for the utility bill
She has dreams of jumpin’ off the campus
And landin’ in an uptown palace
Breaks more than a sweat to get her fill
But somehow she always seems to trip and spill
It’s not her fault, but she takes the fall
For other people on her team that drop the ball

If singin’ the same song’s worth the music
Then I guess the boyfriend’s worth the excuses
Your gossip girlfriends whinin’ old news
And they’re only worth their weight in IOUs(in)
Up a good friend’s good will and it’s gone this far
working for minimum wage and the tip jar
Carries her weight, but can’t lift the curse of barely sittin’ par
Even with the credit card

She stands like she’s been waitin’ at a train station
Holdin’ a ticket that doesn’t hold her interest.
I tip my hat like a detective in training,
Actin’ like somewhere else needs my assistance.
It’s a look- it’s a glance-
She gives me coffee and I go into my trance
I wanna kiss the stress out her smile
But the cash register between us won’t allow.
The songs change, but the words always stay the same
Doesn’t matter what we do, we’re still playin’ the game
The songs change, but the words always stay the same
Doesn’t matter what we do, we’re still playin’ the game
She’s the Athena of baristas
Handles all temperatures like a tea cup
From customer heat to supervisor fire,
Rolls off her sleeve and melts when she smiles
Huh, I wonder where she gets it from
And how she puts herself together when it comes undone
Ehhh, but I’ve been thinkin’ lately
She holds her good nature like a pistol’s safety
Maybe she’s saving us from a blind rage
Repressed with a more than blind rage

She fronts the innocence of an amateur
But walks with the swagger of a shift manager
A fine tuned defense mechanism
And when it collapses it’ll be cataclysmic
She’ll serve espresso with a hint ‘a cyanide so
She can watch us all die slow…
Die slow… die slow

A coffeeshop full’a people
Doin’ what we want and sometimes what we need to
And here she is on her daily default
Customer servin’ with a smile like a freak show
I’m aimin’ for a table to keep float,
I told her keep the change, she told me keep it evil
She said this tip jar isn’t for your ethos
If you lived in my world you wouldn’t have the peace to freeload

I love her, she brings me back to earth
Puts me in my place everyday without speakin’ a word
Someday I’ll see her and say what’s up
But for now I got a date with a pen and a paper cup
Got my heart in my backpack tangled up
And eyes for the girl from the coffeeshop
I know she knows that we know
We’re just super villains with alter-egos



from Evil Made Easy, released January 26, 2010
Vocals & Lyrics by Toussaint Morrison
Percussion by Patrick Moses
Keys by Linden Killam

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN



all rights reserved


Lazlo Supreme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Band interests:

- Jumping fences while running
- Stealing bikes and girlfriends
- The occasional bar fight with Jimmy & The Threats
- Operating a multi-hundred dollar crime syndicate

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